October 3, 2006

i kind of sort of got tired of the distractions.

and i just want to go back to that point of my life when i actually liked myself.



October 1, 2006

i dont think this is a good time to write because everything i feel is sad, and thats not who i am, but it is how i feel, and i dont know what matters the most…

i just need to let some things out
ignorance or knowledge

why is it that we only show one side of ourselves to different people
my personality would seem contradictory if only two of my friends were left alone talking about my persona
but i dont think im contradictory
just missunderstood

i feel kind of stupid because i like to talk to myself

september 9

September 24, 2006

let’s forget it all.
except for the good things.

he confessed to me, before i could admit it myself,
that he wants to kiss me, hug me, and touch…

he wants to give up all that he is
to me
but he’s scared

i’m confused

everybody says i’m crazy because
i like him

…that just seems to make him more attractive

but i’m scared too.

august 30

September 24, 2006

there is nothing that would satisfy me more at this moment than to make of life a metaphor of my thoughts. i want to control everything that happens so that nothing will surprise me. i want to control everything so that nothing would hurt me, and nothing would confuse me.

yesterday i realized many things, but such a high dose of knowledge perplexed me because i ignored such a great piece of reality, and realizing that something like that might occur again, scares me.

i understood that my mother was always right when she said that love between two people is a theme that can only be treated and resolved by those two, and that nobody else should ever be involved…


September 23, 2006

i wanted a real blog so i could talk about